Station#3: Film

The film “Concrete Park” has been produced after a symposium in October 2015 in Berlin as well as the intensive laboratory working phase and extensive filming in Cologne. It documents the project’s progress and the different results of the intensive artistic encounters and exchanges between the project participants. The film “Concrete Park” is the result of an collective work.  It includes  individual works of the participating artists which will be developed further in the future.

Vernissage of the film was on the 24th of June 2016.

STATION#3_program leaflet

Trailer of Station#3                                                                                                                                                    Contact for the distribiution of the film “Concrete Park”:

On Saturday, 25th of June a framework programme of three dialogues with the participating artists took place:

Dialogue #1: Bettina Knaup (curator) in a conversation with project participants Christina Ciupke, Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann

Dialogue #2: Janez Janša (artist, theoretician) in a conversation with project participants Krzysztof Honowski, Yuebing Luo and Walter Solon

Dialogue #3: Sandra Umathum (scientist, dramaturg) in a conversation with project participants Lulu Obermayer, Benjamin Ramírez Pérez and Enrico Wey


Sample of filmstills:

Peter HaasScreenshot 2016-06-24 13.16.28Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.16.40Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.17.14



Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.17.32Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.18.00Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.18.29Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.18.42Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.18.57Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.19.09

Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.51.50






Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.19.26Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.19.40Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.19.59Screenshot 2016-06-24 13.16.56