Station#2: Laboratory

From 1st to 5th February 2016 all participating artists met at Tanzfaktur Köln to further develop their collaborations on research and artistic documentation.

Boris Charmatz was holding a workshop and created an artistic rehearsal space for a future choreography that was performed and documented at the same time. Two movable and three stable cameras were positioned – all participants were able to switch rules from performers to cameramen/women, changing the gaze from watching to acting – while states of dancing, choreographing, witnessing and documenting alternated constantly. Around 25 hours of recording are now waiting to be edited….

Rolf Bolvin, managing director of Deutscher Bühnenverein gave a profound lecture on the field of copy rights in the performing arts.

The participants used the chance KHM generously offered and started documenting their artistic collaborations with professional means and under excellent working conditions. Individual gatherings will take place in Cologne and Berlin in preparation for the exhibition space in June.

CapDance_Workshop Boris Charmatz_Cologne_03.02.2016CapDance_Workshop Boris Charmatz_Cologne_03.02.2016S0821859S0441767S0421765